catjungle 081
July 22, 2021


(iggy pop - whaddaya wanna hear)
mark perry - you know
leftovers - no complaints
nervous gender - people like you
morbid opera - liar
george melly - sounds that saved my life (homage to k.s.)
red dark sweet - oh! carol
roter rot - get away dark side
ensemble pittoresque - building brains
noh mercy - caucasian guilt
(when i added this song I assumed she was playing a part, but if she's being sincere then obvs i don't endorse this message!)
boptronics - another life
radio free europe - borrow more money
blue chips of asama - haruko's lament
pre fix - ectomorphine
orthotonics - accessible as gravity
buddy merrill - gentle on my mind

mark perry

nervous gender

george melly

radio free europe

noh mercy


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