catjungle 080
November 11, 2020


(non-chalance little lady)
kelpies - ride
vox pop - production
(the fabulous fanny)
f-systems - naked kiss
fish turned human - porky's minion
kebab - life is a joke (short cut)
(arnold schwarzeneggar - my wife is crazy)
gloria balsam - fluffy
holy toy - last leader
frozen geese - self fascination sundae
(michael jackson intro)
poli styrene jass band - drano in your veins
- a song about Trump's cure for covid!
the ragged bags - lost - I've been listening to a lot of music from Cleveland. This take and all the background sound makes me miss rock and roll shows.
adult net - honey tangle
world of pooh - someone wants you dead
ensemble pittoresque - ash grey as sunday
deutsche wertarbeit - deutscher wald
dogbowl - oklahoma


gloria balsam

adult net (brix)

barbara manning (world of pooh)


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