catjungle 076
December 22, 2019


danielle dax - bed caves
(arnold schwarzeneggar - hi honey)
wall of voodoo - full of tension
(not selling anything)
mick milk - fakebook
amor fati - economics 101 part two
(the frankenstein we created is dead. bye)
the temptations - message from a black man
Y pants - that's the way boys are
-- Lesley Gore - That's the Way Boys Are
the flying lizards - the window - sometimes you fight for the world, sometimes you fight for yourself
(mr. rogers - raccoon family dance)
(canned promos - hyped to the rhythm)
man parrish - hi hop bebop
doxa sinistra - conversation a la chaine
(canned inspirational rock jam)
(arrnold schwarzeneggar - howdy stranger)
maggotron - return to the planet detroit
dwayne omarr - mr. gigolo (dub version)
dogbowl - the 1972 christmas bombing of north vietnam
abner jay - i'm so depressed
Y pants - we have everything

danielle dax

mick milk

Y pants

flying lizards


abner jay


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